Fictional Languages

Even if you dislike the popular franchises that dominate the box office, you probably are aware that they have an entire back story behind them. From superhero antics to people cruising through space in ramshackle spaceships, each of these franchises holds a devoted league of fans knowledgeable in almost every aspect of the story behind the movies and characters. This includes fictional languages. The harsh or soft foreign-sounding words spoken in these popular movies have languages attached to them. If you're curious, read on.

Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings has many languages. The languages you hear in the movies are mainly Elvish; Westron (English in Lord of the Rings); and the Black Speech (spoken in Mordor).

Star Wars Saga


Star Wars takes place in another galaxy, so there are many languages in existence. More famous ones you hear are Basic (English in Star Wars), Huttese (spoken by the Hutts), and Wookie Speak (Wookie language).

Harry Potter World


Harry Potter takes place in the UK, but this fantasy world has another language—Parseltongue, or snake language—in its boundaries. Harry Potter also has basic jargon that is not known to people outside the Wizarding World.

Learning Languages


If you thought it was hard learning French or German, how about trying to learn fictional languages such as Klingon? There are people who love these languages enough to actually produce complete dictionaries for them.

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